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Edited by Morrie's son Rob Schwartz, this powerful posthumous masterpiece will be released as a major lead title from Blackstone Publishing in April 2023.

From the eponymous subject of the beloved classic Tuesdays with Morrie comes an insightful, poignant masterpiece on staying vibrant and connected for  life.

Who am I really? What have I done? What is important and meaningful to me? What difference does it make that I have lived? What does it mean to be truly human, and where am I on that scale?

Morrie Schwartz, the beloved subject of the classic, multimillion-copy number one bestseller Tuesdays with Morrie, explores these questions and many more in this profound, poetic, and poignant masterpiece of living and aging joyfully and creatively. Later life can be filled with many challenges, but it can also be one of the most beautiful and rewarding passages in anyone's lifetime. Morrie draws on his experiences as a social psychologist, teacher, father, friend, and sage to offer us a road map to navigate our futures.

A great companion to Tuesdays with Morrie or the perfect introduction to Morrie's thoughtful philosophies, The Wisdom of Morrie is filled with empathic insights, stories, anecdotes, and advice, told in Morrie's reassuring, calm, and timeless voice.

Let The Wisdom of Morrie be your guide in exploring deep questions of how to live and how to love.

Coming in April 2023! 
The Wisdom of Morrie edited by Rob Schwartz

Tuesdays with Morrie
by Mitch Albom

This is the best-selling memoir to date with
18 million copies sold around the world.


Maybe it was a grandparent, or a teacher, or a colleague.  Someone older, patient and wise, who understood you when you were young and searching, helped you see the world as a more profound place, gave you sound advice to help you make your way through it.

For Mitch Albom, that person was Morrie Schwartz, his college professor from nearly twenty years ago.

Maybe, like Mitch, you lost track of this mentor as you made your way, and the insights faded, and the world seemed colder.  Wouldn't you like to see that person again, ask the bigger questions that still haunt you, receive wisdom for your busy life today the way you once did when you were younger?

Mitch Albom had that second chance.  He rediscovered Morrie in the last months of the older man's life.  Knowing he was dying, Morrie visited with Mitch in his study every Tuesday, just as they used to back in college.  Their rekindled relationship turned into one final "class": lessons in how to live.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a magical chronicle of their time together, through which Mitch shares Morrie's lasting gift with the world.

As life-affirming as it is life-releasing, Morrie: In His Own Words  has had a profound effect on generations of readers.

Morrie:  In His Own Words

(previously titled) Letting Go

published by Walker & Company 

"Learn how to live and you'll know how to die; learn how to die, and you'll know how to live." In these remarkable pages are the profound, life-affirming words of Morrie Schwartz as he faced his own imminent death. In 1994, at the age of seventy-seven, Schwartz learned he had ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Undaunted, the former professor embraced his illness, choosing to live passionately and calmly until the end.


Morrie embarked on his greatest teaching adventure: sharing his evolving knowledge of living while dying. With warmth, wisdom, and humor, Morrie reveals how to: -- live fully in the moment -- tap into the powers of the mind to transcend physical limitations -- grieve for your losses -- reach out to family and friends -- develop an inner space for meditation and spiritual connection. It's never too late to become the kind of person you'd like to be. 

Morrie's willingness to talk about his illness made him an inspiration. In 1995, the news program Nightline ran three interviews in which TV journalist Ted Koppel spoke to Morrie about life, death and the disease that was afflicting his body. In Morrie: In His Own Words, Morrie combined inspiring lessons with practical advice to help those who have chronic or terminal sickness and to maintain healthy emotions and loving relationships.

Asha (HOPES)

For Bangladeshi Girls and Their Future

For streetchildren in Dhaka, Bangladesh, education is the way out of poverty. The ABC School for Street Children was founded in 2001 by Eglal Rousseau who made lunch and served it in the parking area of her apartment. She soon started providing medical services and taught personal hygiene habits.The ABC School continues with the help and guidance of the American International School/Dhaka. Administrators, teachers and students volunteer their time along with others from the community.This photography project is part of a book produced by Julia Alden with help from Nora Graham and Augustine Biswas. The book helped to raise $10,000 for a new facility for the ABC School.

Mama Dar cover.jpeg

Mama Dar

Tales of Family Life in Tanzania

My image is on the cover of this book of twenty-seven authors from nine countries who wrote short stories about parenting while living in Tanzania.

All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the House of Peace, a shelter for survivors of gender-based violence in Tanzania.

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